Friday, July 2, 2010



Hello, this is Tray Benson with National Mortgage Refinance.

Is your paycheck swallowed up by credit card debt?

Does that humongus SUV payment making your children go hungry?

Relax, I’ve got the answer at National Mortgage Refinance.

Consolidate all your debt into one convenient low monthly payment that you will never pay off. Your great grand-children will still be paying the interest on our loan.

Why do we offer this service? Because you are in debt and will die in debt and we want to be certain we get your money.

So mortgage the lives of all your future generations.

You live comfortably and let them pay.

What if you miss a payment? That is no problem for National Mortgage Refinance.

I will personally come out and foreclose on your home.

You, your wife and children, will be destitute. All your neighbors will see you on the street while I resell your home.

National Mortgage Refinance: Pay just a little a month. Forever.

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